Spring Fever (by P G Wodehouse)

A light-hearted romance from the brilliant PG Wodehouse. I tend to be less enthusiastic about his stand-alone novels, being a huge fan of both Jeeves and the Blandings books. But I did enjoy this one. There were classic caricatured wealthy American businessmen, and equally classic caricatured English earls and butlers. Add in a couple of young men in love with elusive girls, a stamp worth a fortune, and a cook being chased by two suiters, and the result is a typical (for this author) and enjoyable story.

Nothing to make me laugh aloud, but much to make me smile inwardly. Plot rather than characters run this book, and the plot is somewhat bizarre, but somehow in Wodehouse's hands it all seems quite believable at the time.

Not a long book; an enjoyable way to pass a few hours at a weekend.

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