The Quiet Gentleman

Georgette Heyer's books are eminently re-readable, and this is one I had not re-read for about 12 years. It's about the quiet, friendly but determined Lord St Erth, who returns from war to take up his inheritance in Regency England. He has a half-brother, Martin, who had hoped to inherit the family estates himself, and so is not entirely welcome in his home. Martin's mother, the Dowager, is a delightful Austen-like caricature who cares little for anything other than her own day-to-day concerns, and (secondly) the interests of her son.

The cast also includes St Erth's cousin Theo, his friend Ulverstoke, and the eminently practical Drusilla Morville who is currently staying in his home, companion to the Dowager. Oh, and Marianne, the local beauty, who has snared Martin's affections...

Lots of excitement, some tension, and a clever plot which shows why the author managed to write detective novels as well as Regency romances. I did remember (roughly) what happened at the end, but not how it all worked out or any of the details. Enjoyable.

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