Abba's Child (by Brennan Manning)

This is the second book I've read by Brennan Manning, and I thought it even better than the first. Of course, this author is widely criticised in Christian circles. He used to be a Roman Catholic priest. He struggled with alcoholism even after becoming a Christian. He believes in reaching out to everyone, to seeing God's image in all mankind. And he hates legalism. Naturally those caught up in legalist mindsets will dislike what he says, but in my view that's all the more reason to read it.

'Abba's Child' is an exploration of what it means to be truly a child of God. It's about unconditional love, and acceptance, and the real meaning of grace. It challenges us to listen to what God is saying, to behave a little more as Jesus would behave, rather than criticising and condemning those who see things differently. It's only in love that we can ever reach out to others, and only in love that God reaches out to us.

Manning looks at the 'inner child' from a Christian rather than psychological viewpoint, encouraging us to embrace our entire selves and acknowledge that God knows and loves us in every part. It's love and acceptance that gives us the freedom to move forward in the Holy Spirit, not repression and legalism.

I can't do justice to this amazing book in just a few paragraphs. Instead I recommend everyone read it, with an open mind and take to heart the inspiration and examples that are given.

Note: you can also read my longer review of 'Abba's Child', written in 2014 after re-reading.

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