Cabbages for the King

Oh, I do like Adrian Plass's books! He's my favourite living Christian author from the UK, and I re-read all his books from time to time. They're down-to-earth, yet full of thought-provoking analogies and metaphors. He uses satire and direct humour to make points without being pushy, and he pokes gentle fun at some of the odd ideas people sometimes get within churches without being offensive.

This book is a collection of bits and pieces, loosely organised in four categories. He talks about truth - real truth - in Christian circles; about being vulnerable; about people; and about what we do. He shares anecdotes of family life, amusing poems and sketches, and general commentary on what he observes. I chuckled aloud in places and was moved to tears in others - despite having read this before - and found myself, once again, relieved that such a wise, yet ordinary man is able to bring his insights to so many. Highly recommended.

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