A Light in the Window (by Jan Karon)

'A Light in the Window' is the second book in Jan Karon's delightful 'Mitford' series set in a small village in the South of the USA. Father Tim and his neighbour Cynthia enjoy each other's company and are attracted to each other.

But Cynthia has to spend several months in New York, and Father Tim is followed by a pushy widow, and plays host to an Irish cousin who eats anything she finds... meanwhile he continues to deal with his diabetes, counsels friends and parishioners, and tries to find what his heart holds.

No thrilling plot-line, no huge mysteries, but a beautifully written novel with realistic characters who I came to care about considerably by the end of the book. God is a big part of their lives, but is not brought into the book in an over-obvious or annoying way.

My only problem was in the edition of the book we own, which unfortunately is missing pages 47 to 94 due to a printing error. Some important parts of the plot are evidently revealed in this section, so - as with the first time I read it, some years ago - I'm determined to get a proper edition before the next time I read it!

Recommended for anyone who has read the first in the series, 'At Home in Mitford'- even if you haven't, this would probably stand alone.

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