The Apple of His Eye (by Bridget Plass)

This is a devotional book by Bridget Plass, wife of the well-known humorous Christian author Adrian. (A problem with being the wife of a more famous writer is that there don't seem to be any sites which focus purely on Bridget - the above link is to one about this book, the best I could manage).

It's a six-week focus on how much God loves us. It's designed as a Lenten devotional, beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending on Easter Sunday; however I read it for the past six weeks, ending today. It was a good book to take on our recent trip to the UK, and I was glad I did. I actually bought this a few years ago but never really got into it: probably because it's not designed to be read in one sitting, but one section at a time over a month and a half.

The Bible passages are short, the commentary not much longer but full of wisdom and insight. There are a few anecdotes, some of them quite moving, and lots of the author's thoughts and ideas. Through it all comes the over-riding awareness that God really does love us, culminating of course in the ultimate act of love on Good Friday around 2000 years ago.

Highly recommended.

(I've written a longer review of The Apple of His Eye here on re-reading it during Lent of 2008)

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