God Uses Cracked Pots

I've been dipping into this book for a few weeks now. Not sure where it came from - probably a charity shop somewhere as it's not the kind of thing I'd buy new. 'God Uses Cracked Pots' is written by Patsy Clarimont, an American mother who's also a travelling speaker, and is described on the front cover as 'A Lighthearted Look at Life's Foibles & Fears'.

I guess that's about right, too. It's not a book to read straight through - it's a series of anecdotes about Patsy's family, or her life in general, dotting about the years and usually coming up with a serious point at the end - or a not-so-serious one. I found myself picking it up every so often when I had five minutes to wait for something, and reading a bit more - each section is only two sides long, so they're easy enough to read.

It's not a typical book at all due to the style, but all the way through I had a nagging feeling that it reminded me of something else. Yesterday, as I read the last few sections, it finally hit me. It's like a blog! It's friendly, informal, to the point, and gives a good picture of the author's family and life in a series of apparently random comments and anecdotes.

It's not hilariously funny, or particularly moving, but it's certainly light-hearted and enjoyable, and excellent for picking up to browse when you have a few minutes to spare.

I still don't think I'd buy it new, though, nor am I tempted to buy other books by this author - unless of course I come across them second-hand and inexpensively.

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