Marrying the Mistress (by Joanna Trollope)

I like Joanna Trollope's work, which grows on me as I re-read her books. This is a very poignant one which I decided to read for the second time, despite the fact that I first read 'Marrying the Mistress' only about eighteen months ago.

Guy is the main character of this book. He is a respectable lawyer of 62, who has been having an affair (in secret) with Merrion, a young barrister, for the past seven years.

Finally Guy decides to leave his wife and marry Merrion. The book covers the repercussions - the way his children and grandchildren cope - and also looks at what might have gone wrong in his marriage.

A fairly positive and realistic book, with a thoughtful ending. Very well-written; I appreciated it more on the second read.


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