Midnight Champagne (by A Manette Ansay)

This isn't the kind of book I would normally read.. the cover wasn't particularly appealing, and the blurb on the back not that interesting. I had never heard of A Manette Ansay. But I was given it, and of course it's a good idea to try new authors from time to time.

'Midnight Champagne' is about a wedding in the USA. All about a wedding. The whole book takes place during one afternoon and evening - the wedding and reception of April and Caleb.

There are vignettes of family members - all rather disapproving, since the happy couple haev only known each other for three months - and friends, including April's ex-fiancé.

Meanwhile, at the connected lodge, a couple are having a serious argument...

Surprisingly, I did quite like the book. Three was mild humour here and there, and some clever observation. The supposed suspense wasn't really chilling in the slighest, just a bit bizarre.

But it was still rather an odd book; not one I shall be reading again.

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