The Glorious Appearing

At last, the twelfth and final novel in the 'Left Behind' series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

According to best calculations, the tribulation is about to end and Jesus is due to appear. But there are still wars and other serious problems. Most of the original Tribulation Force are dead. The day seems to take forever... of course, we know what's coming, but the book is long-winded, sticking in as much preaching as possible, and once again taking literally parts of Revelation.

Still no character development so it's difficult to care about any of the people even after having read most of the earlier books. Not really recommended, other than to people who have read the earlier books and want to read the ending. Best to have read the first two or three, but I certainly wouldn't suggest that anybody read the entire series which was drawn out far longer than necessary.

My fuller review elsewhere is entitled: 'Inglorious Eschatology'.

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