Faro's Daughter (by Georgette Heyer)

'Faro's Daughter' is a historical novel by Georgette Heyer.

Max Ravenscar sets out to rescue his young and impressionable cousin Adrian from the toils of a scheming girl from a gaming house. Or so he thinks. He discovers that Deborah, the girl, is as strong-willed and obstinate as he is. While Adrian believes that he loves her, Deborah has no intention of marrying him.

However as soon as Max offers to 'buy her off', she is so insulted that she lets him think she would rather marry Adrian! A delightful battle of wills ensues. Good historical background of Regency England exposing some class prejudices in an amusing way. A most exciting limax to the book is followed by a highly satisfactory ending.


See 'Gambling, Greed, Glamour and Green Peas' for my longer review of this book. You can also read a different, longer review of 'Faro's Daughter' which I wrote on this blog on re-reading six years later.

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