Evil Under the Sun (by Agatha Christie)

While I don't read Agatha Christie books all the time, I enjoy a light crime mystery every so often, and find her plotting extremely clever. I also find that they make very good books to read aloud to my teenage sons - it's interesting to see who can find 'whodunit' and figure out what the clues mean.

'Evil under the sun' is the latest one I read to them. It's another book that features the rather arrogant (but eminently lovable) Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.

n this story, Poirot is staying in a hotel in a beach resort, off the South coast of England. One of the guests is murdered - something that seems to happen wherever he goes - and he works with the police to try and discover who was responsible.

I thought this book had a nice balance of different types of people. It was an interesting mystery, with an unexpected ending which surprised us all.


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