The Headmaster (To Serve them All my Days part 2) by R F Delderfield

Having just completed - and very much enjoyed - the first part of RF Delderfield's 'To Serve them All my Days' ('Late Spring') I decided to read the second part.

'The Headmaster' opens as Algy, the charming and eccentric Head of a boys' boarding school, is due to retire. In his place, a rigid and unfriendly man called Alcock is apopinted.

Several staff of the school leave, and David Powlett-Jones clashes with him more than once, before the problem is unexpectedly solved and David himself becomes acting Head, temporarily.

This novel is set in the backdrop of World War II unfolding, with political overtones; it wasn't anything like as moving as the first part, but nonetheless I thought it an excellent read. Recommended, although it's definitely best to have read 'Late Spring' first. Out of print, but often found second-hand.

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