The Wedding Gift (by Alexandra Raife)

I like Alexandra Raife's novels. They're character-driven, mostly set in Scotland, with likeable, warm people and fairly complex subplots that intertwine nicely. They're almost reminiscent, at times, of Maeve Binchy's writing. So, gradually, I'm collecting all her books.

'The Wedding Gift' features Cass and Guy who get married after several years of living together. They decided to buy 'The Corries', which is a holiday cottage in Scotland. Cass loves it, Guy sees it as useful.

As she spends time there, Cass gets to know her neighbours and loves the place all the more. However Guy prefers to stay in London most of the time. Not surprisingly, their relationship starts to grow more distant as their priorities change, and as this happens Cass realises that she relates much better to her new friends and surroundings than to Guy.

I found the book believable, and despite the rather depressing subject matter, it was a good read with a hopeful ending.


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