Out to Canaan (by Jan Karon)

I do like Jan Karon's gentle 'Mitford' series, set in small-town America, featuring the gentle Father Tim and his lovely writer wife Cynthia. There's a low-key but clear Christian worldview in all her novels.

I first read 'Out to Canaan' about three years ago, but having recently read two of the others in the series, I decided to read it again.

Basically it's another delightful year in Mitford, seeing Dooley - Tim's unofficially adopted son - grow up, and one of his siblings being discovered. There is also plenty more involvement with impoverished folk from the Creek, and a battle for the position of Mayor.

Tim and Cynthia have to make some decisions for themselves, too, as they look forward to their future together.

Recommended, but it's probably best if you've read at least one or two of the earlier books in the series.

(Slightly longer review here on re-reading 'Out to Canaan' around three years later)

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