Rebel Heiress (by Jane Aiken Hodge)

I do like Jane Aiken Hodge's novels. They're not my absolute favourite, but I find them an interesting mix of historical, light romance, and low-key suspense. Her writing is very good, and although most of her books are now well out of print, they often seem to appear in second-hand shops.

'Rebel Heiress' features Henrietta, a young woman in Boston who has lived with her grandmother for many years. When her grandmother dies, she discovers that her father (in England) did not have any idea that she was even alive.

So Henrietta sets sail for the UK, amidst threats of war, and is taken into her father's household. There she has to content with his new wife, and her son Cedric, and she also meets and is attracted to the very handsome Charles Rivers.

Soon embroiled in London life, Henrietta learns of family scandals, and eventually discovers who her true friends really are.

I found this fast-paced, exciting, and often moving. A well-written and enjoyable historical novel.

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