Georgina (by Clare Darcy)

When I had read all of Georgette Heyer's Regency novels for the first time, I hoped I would find another author of similar quality. I came across Clare Darcy, who wrote books with the same kind of plot ideas, set in the same period. Unfortunately she didn't have the same brilliant flair as Georgette Heyer, nor the wonderfully ironic humor and conversation style. But her books are still much better than the majority who write or wrote in this genre.

'Georgina' is about a young woman who refuses to marry Mr Smallwoods, her family's choice for her. So her grandmother sends her to Ireland in disgrace.

There she meets Mr Shannon, who - she learns - had eloped with her cousin (now deceased), and who owns the family estates.

The two find themselves mutually attracted, and a fast-paced book results. Don't expect Heyer's quality, but it's a pleasant enough light read.

Now out of print, but sometimes available second-hand.

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