Lord Edgware Dies (by Agatha Christie)

I'm really getting into Agatha Christie crime novels, in a low-key sort of way. She really was a very clever writer, and although the plots seem a little samey, if too many are read in a row, she manages to use some different styles; and I rarely manage to guess 'whodunit' in the mysteries until the closing chapters.

'Lord Edgware Dies' (or Edgeware, in some editions) features Jane Wilkinson, an actress, who hates her husband Lord Edgware. So when - as we know is going to happen, from the book's title - he is found murdered, Jane is the first suspect.

The plot is complicated by another actress who does an excellent imitation of Jane - until she is also found murdered.

There are several people who are possible suspects, but Hercule Poirot, as ever, comes to the rescue and solves the puzzle.

Lively, well-written, and I was guessing right until the end. Very clever.

Still in print in both USA and UK, as is the case for almost all of Agatha Christie's novels.

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