The Clocks (by Agatha Christie)

Staying in a house with several Agatha Christie crime novels means I'm tempted to read several of them. The problem is that they can become a bit samey.. but so far I'm enjoying them.

'The Clocks' begins when a young typist discovers a murdered man. She then becomes a suspect in a rather dramatic case. There are four clocks in the room where he is found, which belongs to a blind woman.

As the police investigate, secret services agent called Colin Lamb is trying to find a spy in the same neighbourhood.

When another typist is discovered, also murdered, Hercule Poirot the Belgian detective gets involved. As ever, he solves the puzzle cleverly and logically. The conclusion, in my view, was totally unexpected - although, no doubt, there were clues planted along the way.

Very cleverly written. Recommended. Still in print in both the UK and USA, as are all the Agatha Christie books I have looked for so far.

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