Demelza (by Winston Graham)

I had barely heard of Winston Graham, but on acquiring several of his 'Poldark' series, I am finding him an interesting author.

'Demelza' is the second of the series which began with 'Ross Poldark'. In this story, Demelza - who was first adopted as a waif, taken from her cruel father - finds her feet as Ross's wife, and befriends her cousin Verity.

Ross tries to rescue a miner from a terrible jail, and helps the local community plunder a wrecked ship.

Fever comes to the district, and Demelza risks her health to begin to bridge the rift between Ross and his cousin Francis and Francis' wife Elizabeth.

Fast-paced, well-written, and somehow compulsive. Stands alone, but makes considerably more sense having read the first book.

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