The Winter House (by Judith Lennox)

Judith Lennox is yet another author I had not heard of, when I picked up one of her books second-hand.

'The Winter House' is a novel about three girls growing up in the 1920s in the UK.

Robin is clever and idealistic, from a happy - if chaotic - home. Maia is from a materialistic and unhappy home, dreaming of wealth and security, then making a disastrous mistake. Helen is innocent and apparently content, growing up with her widowed father, who becomes more and more over-protective as she matures.

It's a fast-paced and interesting 'coming of age' type of novel. I found it interesting despite scenes of London politics (which bore me) and war in Spain. There were realistic descriptions and memorable people, with each of the girls finding a positive way forward (and contentment) in their various ways by the end.


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