Casting Off (by Libby Purves)

I've previously come across Libby Purves as one of the better columnists for the BBC. She has an ironic sense of humour, and a concise style that I admire - so I was pleased when I discovered, second-hand, one of her novels.

'Casting Off' is a light-hearted story which begins when Joanna, mother of two, takes off on a sudden impulse in the family yacht. Stormy weather makes her unable to return as quickly as she had hoped, and her husband Keith informs the police... who gossip, and get the story picked up by journalists, and blown totally out of proportion.

Realistic sea-faring descriptions, based no doubt on the author's yachting experiences, combined with unlikely scenarios combine to make this a fast-paced and often humorous book, with a satisfactorily happy conclusion.

Definitely recommended.

(My longer review of 'Casting Off', written on re-reading in 2007, can be found here)

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