An Innocent Diversion (by Kathleen Rowntree)

I like Kathleen Rowntree's novels. Unfortunately they all seem to be out of print now, although they can sometimes be found second-hand, and I can't even find anything about the author online.

'An Innocent Diversion' features two very different women. Sonia always dresses immaculately, and keeps her home spotless. She is kept in high style by her ex-husband David. Fran, by contrast, is a farmer's wife with two daughters. Her adult daughter Heather works in Sonia's favourite shoe shop.

One day, Sonia bumps her car into that of Jason, a young bank employee, and then befriends him.

The plot alternates between Fran's life and Sonia's life, as circumstances gradually draw them closer and closer, until eventually they have one meeting.

Various emotions are uncovered, and I found the people to be charming and believable, and the plot is not at all predictable.

The whole book is written in the present tense, which seems odd at first, but it works well. An enjoyable book, with a hopeful conclusion.

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