Invitation to the Married Life (by Angela Huth)

I picked up a book by Angela Huth inexpensively in a charity shop, although at first glance it didn't look quite like my kind of book. Still, the blurb on the back seemed reasonably interesting, and I like to discover new authors from time to time.

'Invitation to the Married Life' opens with a breakfast scene between Thomas - a renowned philanderer - and his wife Rachel, who lives for her secret addition: sleeping!

Gradually various other characters are introduced, all of them married. They have all also been invited to the Farthingoes; ball.

The book is light and descriptive, although without much plot. The book charts each couple's progress towards the ball, with believable - if rather caricatured - characters.

A fairly satisfying ending. I doubt if I'll read it again, though.

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