The Dipper (by Marcia Willett)

I've only recently started reading books by Marcia Willett, but so far am enjoying them - on the whole. They're my kind of book, I suppose - character-driven, with gentle plots; not much excitement, no suspense... and a reasonably happy ending.

'The Dipper' has three main plots and several sub-plots intertwining. Clemmie and Quentin are growing old, worried that they will not be able to remain in their beloved Grange home much longer. Phyllida and Alistair seem secure in their marriage, with their small daughter Lucy, but then a disaster happens and suspense strikes when Alistair is accused of unfaithfulness.

Meanwhile, Claudia is concerned that her husband Jeff doesn't really love her. As these people meet and interact, viewpoints move around believably - and wihle there is some unhappiness before the end, the conclusion is satisfactory and encouraging.


(You can also read my longer review of The Dipper, written after re-reading eight years later)

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