Little Men (by Louisa M Alcott)

Every so often, in the middle of reading fairly light romances, sagas and even crime fiction, I take a foray into the world of children's or teenage books. Louisa M Alcott was an American writer in the 19th century, whose work seems rather dated now, but is still warm and relaxing, and very encouraging.

'Little Men' is the third in the series of four books that began with 'Little Women'. Although technically complete in itself, it's a continuation of the previous books, focusing mostly on the sons of the original March girls (Meg, Jo and Amy).

There's a bit of author moralising in places, as tended to happen in that period, and inevitably it's very old-fashioned - but human nature hasn't changed, and there are some very moving moments along with a lot of fun. An enjoyable read, probably intended for teenagers originally.

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