The White Dove (by Rosie Thomas)

A relative of mine enjoys Rosie Thomas's books, but I hadn't come across many of them myself. I found this one in a charity shop.

It begins with Amy, a child in 1916, who is part of a wealthy family. They're all reasonably happy until the news of her step-brother's death in the war. Her father withdraws emotionally, her mother lives only for fun. But Amy is strong-willed, and determined - as she grows up - to be a nurse.

Alongside Amy's tale is the story of Nick, a miner struggling to make ends meet in a small village. Amy and Nick meet, and fall in love, and both take part in World War II abroad.

After harrowing experiences, they make some decisions, and Amy discovers the promise of happiness with a new form of relaxation.

A bit drawn-out, although well-written and with good characterisation. Probably not a book I shall read again.

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