Regency Buck (by Georgette Heyer)

No matter how many new authors I discover, and no matter how many books I read, I always come back to Georgette Heyer. I have copies of nearly all her novels, and re-read the historical ones regularly.

'Regency Buck' is the story of Judith Taverner and her brother Perry. We first meet them at the start of the book, travelling to London to meet their guardian. They believe him to be elderly - a contemporary of their late father's - and are puzzled to find that in fact he is young, and also extremely arrogant.

Judith and Perry befriend their cousin, Bernard, and enter society. However they frequently cross swords metaphorically with their guardian, who - it seems - is eager to have Perry killed.

A most exciting ending, with a kidnapping and some unexpected revelations, despite a slightly slow start to this novel.

Definitely recommended.

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