The Circus is Coming (by Noel Streatfeild)

Noel Streatfield's books are written for older children and teenagers, but with sufficient plot and characterisation to make them very readable (and re-readable) for adults as well. I love curling up with one of her books when I need some time to myself - they don't take long, they're undemanding, but they have strong themes and are sometimes very moving.

'The Circus is Coming' is a little different from her main ballet books; it's about two children who run away rather than being sent to a children's home.

They're rather snooty children but they soon lose their snobbishness, and discover new values as well as some significant courage.

A pleasant light read that would be appropriate for boys as well as girls.

You can also read my longer review of The Circus is Coming, after re-reading nine years later.

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