Discover Your God-Given Gifts (by Don & Katie Fortune)

'Discover your God-given Gifts' is a handbook with questionnaires examining the so-called 'motivational gifts' mentioned in the Bible. The authors, Don and Katie Fortune, are an American couple who teach a course based on this theory.

I found it a very helpful book although a little confusing at first, but on reflection things did become a lot clearer. I found it tied in somewhat with Myers-Briggs theory, which I knew something about, and was also somewhat related to the Enneagram theory.

The concept is that we all have one or more of seven defined 'gifts', and that our responsibility is to use them within the church and to glorify God. The gifts are: administration, prophecy, serving, giving, researching/teaching, encouraging, and peacemaking. The questionnaires are extensive, including some for children, and the descriptions helpful, with plenty of Scripture references.

I didn't find myself exactly like any of the types (this is where it parts from standard popular personality theories) but somewhere in between the peacemaker and the teacher. However it was very interesting to read about the different ways the gifts can be used, and the characteristics that often go with them.

Definitely recommended to anyone wanting to understand others better within the church.

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