Doing it Their Way (by Jan Fortune-Wood)

I doubt if I would have come across this book in the ordinary way, but Jan Fortune-Wood was on one of the discussion groups I took part in, on the topic of home education in the UK. I was extremely interested in her theories of non-coercive parenting and autonomous education, so ordered a copy of this book.

The full title of this book is 'Doing it their way: home-based education and autonomous learning', and in essence that's what it's about. There's a well-presented view of what autonomous eduction is - and what it isn't - and the non-coercive lifestyle that many home educating parents choose in the UK.

I found the book a bit heavy-going in places, and didn't agree with all the author's arguments. However, overall I thought it well worth reading, and very thought-provoking in places.


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