Savannah Purchase (by Jane Aiken Hodge)

'Savannah Purchase' is an American historical novel by Jane Aiken Hodge. I've enjoyed books by this author since I was given one in my late teens by my aunt, and have collected several of them, mostly from church bookstalls or charity shops.  This is the first one I ever read; I re-read it in my late twenties, and it's come with me to Cyprus, so it was evidently time for another re-read.

It's the exciting story of a young woman called Juliet who takes her cousin's place as wife to Hyde Purchiss when her cousin, Josephine, tries to rescue Napoleon. It's a daring move, but, unsurprisingly, Juliet starts to fall in love with Hyde.

Much excitement ensures, and there is a satisfying conclusion.  I find this enjoyable each time I read it.

A longer review after yet another re-reading of 'Savannah Purchase' can be found here.

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