The Rag Nymph (by Catherine Cookson)

'The Rag Nymph' is a historical novel by the prolific writer Catherine Cookson.

This book, which I borrowed, is the story of Millie. She is a child whose mother has been forced into prostitution, and is arrested. Millie ends up with Aggie, a large rag trader, and their lives change over the years.

It's not really my kind of book, which is rather what I had expected. I've read some of this author's books before, and have found them rather too realistic with unpleasant detail of the kind I would prefer not to read.

Still, 'The Rag Nymph' was well-written and quite readable. It's a good story if you like this kind of 'gritty reality' historical fiction.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 1999

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