The Wisdom of Tenderness

I do like Brennan Manning's books. He seems to get criticism from various organisations, but then so does just about every Christian author - it's a sad fact of the divisiveness and judgementalism of many in today's church. Moreover, those who pass such negative judgement are perhaps those who would most benefit from reading and assimilating the messages of Manning's books.

Having said that, I didn't find this as moving or inspiring as either 'The Ragamuffin Gospel' or 'Abba's Child'. But it was still well worth reading, if a little long-winded in places. The premise is that we need to allow God's 'fierce mercy' to transform our lives, and in doing so we will no longer have any desire to sin (or, indeed, to judge). The author suggests that many of us have a false image of God, and that we need to let go of it and allow ourselves to be changed by his indwelling Spirit.

Perhaps had I read this before his other books, I would have found it more exciting. But what he says in this isn't really any different from what he said in the others, and it isn't exactly new anyway.

Still, I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to anyone struggling with judgementalism, or wanting to understand what Christianity is really about. It's a bit shorter than the other books by this author, so perhaps more accessible.

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Lisa Thompson/ Howatch group said...

I totally agree with you, Sue."Abba's Child" is my favorite.

I had the honor of having lunch with Brennan in Dec. 2005, and I had the impression then that "..Wisdom..." was more about personal revelation from God to Brennan, rather than something he needed to share. Just my opinion.

Your interests so parallel my own that it is almost scary! lol

First 'saw' you on the Howatch Yahoo group...just so you know where I came across your blog URL.
Best Wishes- Lisa Thompson, Washington DC, USA