A Lady of Quality.

I love this book. It's classic Georgette Heyer, with everything that makes her Regency novels so entertaining. I've read it several times, and enjoy it afresh each time. There's nothing very deep in these books, yet they're cleverly written, realistic, and tinged with humour.

Annis Wychwood, a beautiful and unmarried lady of nearly thirty, is on her way to Bath at the start of the story. She comes across a travelling carriage which has lost a wheel. The occupants, two young people called Lucy and Ninian, are arguing. Annis rescues Lucy and invites her to stay - which leads to a visit from Lucy's guardian, the rude and overbearing Oliver Carleton.

There's superb characterisation, just the right amount of plot, light humour and a most satisfactory conclusion. Predictable? Well of course, somewhat ... although there are always a few surprises, not all of which I remembered from before. All in all I felt once again that this was an excellent book, and recommend it highly.

(You can also read my longer review of 'Lady of Quality', written after re-reading seven years later)

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