Emily's Quest

I needed more light reading, so after finishing Emily Climbs I picked up the final book in LM Montgomery's trilogy, Emily's Quest. This novel is about what happens to Emily after she leaves High School. Having read the previous books, it was fairly clear that she was going to take her writing more seriously, and also that she would probably fall in love.

Indeed, that's what happens but becoming a writer is a gradual process, and falling in love is much more complicated than Emily expected, with several digressions along the way. Perhaps more than the others in the series, this is character-driven; Emily matures realistically, and becomes a delightful young lady - with plenty of faults, which are frequently shown in her journal entries interspersed in the main narrative.

There were some unexpected developments along the way, and a climax which was perhaps a little over-dramatic, with events resolved satisfactorily (maybe too tidily for realism) afterwards. But on the whole I enjoyed it, and thought it a fitting end to this series. As with the others in the series, I wasn't particlarly moved or amused - unlike the 'Anne of Green Gables' series - but Emily still stands out as someone I would like to have known.

Really for teenagers or adults, to pass a quiet weekend or to allow a few hours of escapism. There's nothing in it that's inappropriate for younger children, but I suspect that most of them wouldn't find it very interesting. I would have liked it from about the age of 12 or 13.

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