Moving Pictures

This book in the 'Discworld' series by Terry Pratchett shows the author at his best, in my opinion!

The alchemists on the Discworld invent a new substance called octo-cellulose, and imps learn to paint very fast. Thus 'moving pictures' or 'clicks' are born.

There are lots of jokes as the Discworld sees scenarios alluding to films produced on earth, and there's also a darker side as an unstoppable force gradually sneaks into people's minds, drawing them to the 'Holy Wood' where the clicks are produced. There's a dramatic ending, and the book is generally more thought-provoking than a lot of Pratchett's satirical writing. This can easily be read as a standalone book although it's ninth in the Discworld series.

See 'Imps, Salamanders and Octo-Cellulose' for a longer review.

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