A thought-provoking novel by Libby Purves.

Anansi, a lame girl in council care, who has been excluded from her school after fighting, goes to stay at a seaside farm in Suffolk. Her mother is a drug-dealer, her father unknown.

The family she stays with comprise: Simon, a rather dour writer who has a shocking secret; Sheila, a motherly woman who loves to organise everyone, and two teenage boys who resent Anansi as her mother expects them to help look after her.

Anansi finds herself thrust into the tennis/sailing orientated upper-middle class world, which is confusing and alienating to her. She's a fighter, but deep down longs for attention and love. This is an exciting and thought-provoking novel with a fast-moving and satisfying climax. See 'A Courageous Cuckoo' for a longer review.

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