Mother Country

A novel by Libby Purves.

Alex lives in the USA where he has been raised by his grandparents. He works as a computer 'techie' support man, and out of the blue is given a job in England for a few days. He has often thought of investigating his roots (his mother was a British druggie in 1974) so he starts to do some research while he's there.

He meets a variety of people, struggles with cross-cultural issues, and eventually discovers something which astounds him, although by the time he does it was fairly obvious to me what was going to happen. The novel is well 'set' in historical context, in Libby Purves' usual breezy style, with good characters and interreactions. It was a little too business-oriented for my tastes, but on the whole I enjoyed it. See 'A Hard-Hitting Modern Historical Novel' for a longer review.

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